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You don’t keep dusty magazines in your lobby—virtual or IRL—and your website shouldn’t be collecting cobwebs either. You’re also a business built for the 21st century and you want your client roster, your policies, and your online presence to reflect that. 

Only problem? You’re not a designer, you definitely don’t know how to code your own website, and you don’t have time to keep trying to DIY your brand.

You’re a cool weight inclusive business.

you’re not a “regular" weight inclusive business.

because the truth?

You’ve got a good idea of who you want to work with, but no idea how to make your website + brand reflect that

let me take a wild guess...

You’re so over watching endless YouTube tutorials telling you how to design your website

Your social media feed looks like a collection of dozens of fonts, and *not one* of them matches your vibe

You’ve tried to design an aesthetically pleasing logo for your practice, but it just looks like glorified clip art

You feel like you’re just a copycat of every other business in your industry, but you don’t know how to fix it

You’re tired of procrastinating building your website, but you also know it’s a “need to have” 

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Your brand was *instantly* recognizable ANYWHERE you showed up on the internet

but wouldn't it be cool if...

You felt proud to send the link to your website to a new contact or prospective client

Your brand perfectly captured who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about

Your website was clear, concise, and easy to navigate for new clients who are looking for a clinician like YOU

You could make your personality and approach THE thing that separated you from the crowd

Your kinda people knew you were the right fit for them the moment they landed on your website

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brand strategy + design

Brand strategy + design. For the established clinician looking for a stronger online presence or growth in their business.

signature brand package

Coming soon!
You complete a handful of designated Weight Inclusive Business Academy lessons and I'll create your brand visuals! Perfect for those starting out or on a smaller budget. Join the waitlist.

starter brand

Your audience (clinicians and clients!) recognizing your brand right away and understanding what you do because your messaging is clear and concise.

Having all your fonts, colors, tone of voice, and phrases figured out so you can get your time back running your practice.

Feeling confident as fuck in showing up online. 

this isn't just about having a brand new brand + website...

this is about...

what me + my clients have been up to lately...

your brand is so much more than fonts, colors, and logos.

your brand is the core of everything you’ve got going on in your business.

submark.   mission.   tagline.   typography.   the playlist you play in your lobby.   tone of voice.   copy strategy.   target audience.   social media. 

submark.   mission.   tagline.   typography.   the playlist you play in your lobby.   tone of voice.   copy strategy.   target audience.   social media.   logo.   color palette.   customer journey.   SUBMARK.   MISSION.   TAGLINE.   TYPOGRAPHY.   THE PLAYLIST YOU PLAY IN YOUR LOBBY.   TONE OF VOICE.   COPY STRATEGY.   TARGET AUDIENCE.   SOCIAL MEDIA.   LOGO.   COLOR PALETTE.   CUSTOMER JOURNEY.

what's included in branding:

90 minute strategy call

to discover your brand’s foundation, target audience and their sticking points, and your words & tone of voice

30 minute customer journey call

to plan out how a client will interact with you from the moment they hear about you until they offboard

brand strategy + Style Guide

AKA your north star on how to show up online with guidelines on your brand elements to ensure consistency across platforms

logo + visuals suite

including your primary logo, alternate logos, custom icons, and supporting visual elements

investment: $3,150

timeline: 4 weeks

investment: $3,150  |  timeline: 4 weeks

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hello me therapy

WOW- yeah I'm really digging this. I thought I understood it looking at it, but you did a great job detailing it out and learned how to incorporate some of these things better. I really love what you did in the mock up - boy is it exciting.

- M Lesowski, Founder of Hello Me Therapy


erin phillips nutrition

You will NOT be disappointed working with Morgan! I was so hesitant to have someone design branding for me because so many people think "nutritionist" and assume they know what I do and miss the mark. Working with Morgan, I knew she'd "get it" and that's exactly how it felt working with her. She speaks my language and adds a whole additional language that I don't speak (design and marketing)! - Erin Phillips


bryan lian coaching

There's something special about working with someone who has the aesthetic and the strategy; someone who can help you to bring more of you to your clients and help you get out of your own way. 👍🏽 As dietitians we get the value of investing for the long term, but it's up to us to see that we are worth that investment too. - Bryan Lian

this just in...

home sweet (online) home

a website that will have your clients reaching for the schedule button


client validation.   website copy.   book a session.   download the free guide.   frequently asked questions.   call to action.   meet the team.   this is for you if.   CLIENT VALIDATION.   WEBSITE COPY.   BOOK A SESSION.   DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  CALL TO ACTION.   MEET THE TEAM.   THIS IS FOR YOU IF.   CLIENT VALIDATION.   WEBSITE COPY.   BOOK A SESSION.   DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE.   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.   CALL TO ACTION.   MEET THE TEAM.   THIS IS FOR YOU IF.   

what's included in a signature website:

45 minute strategy call

to review what actions you want your clients to take to ensure that your website is helping you reach your goals

custom website copy

written by me, for you, to attract your folks. words are important to resonate with your audience

a strategic + aesthetic website

always included is a comprehensive home page and the following support pages: current clients, social landing page, privacy policy, and no surprises act

behind-the-scenes support

including SEO, Google Analytics, launch graphics, and one month of complementary support post-launch

investment: starting at $3,800

timeline: 4-8 weeks

investment: starting at $3,800  |  timeline: 4-8 weeks

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options to elevate

if you’re needing more than a comprehensive one page website. Let’s add on more pages, build a blog, create an eCommerce site, and more!

branding + 3 page website

erin macdonald psychotherapy

One of my favorite parts of working with Erin? Getting to fully show up as her bold self through the website copy! Specifically this line - "Hand me the mic. I've got things to say." Erin is a thought-leader and passionate pattern disruptor, especially when it comes to Texas legislature and mental health.

branding + 1 page website

laura torres nutrition

A couple pieces that we wanted to highlight in her brand and on her website are her Bolivian heritage, love for Mexican textiles, and her calm and confident personality (aka how her friends and colleagues would describe her!). You'll notice these elements subtly woven throughout her brand with her vibrant colors, tile pattern in her logo and throughout her site, Mexican ranch style supplementary font, and the bold lettering on her site.

branding + 4 page website

everybody psychotherapy nyc

Morgan was so incredible to work with. I had held off for many years on spending the money and time on creating a brand that fully represented my business. Morgan made it easy for this to come alive and took care of so many aspects and was also super responsive. The collaboration was so key!

- Pam Skop, Founder of EveryBody Psychotherapy NYC

this just in...

You’re ready to double-down on your brand and make that your signature *everywhere* on the internet

you're in the right place if...

You want to collaborate with a specialist and hype woman who can turn our vision into reality

You aren’t afraid to be seen and let your portfolio and client experience take center stage

book a discovery call

book a discovery call

Our final two calls are all about publishing! We'll review the site and connect it to your domain. Also included: SEO, Google Analytics, and 1 month of complimentary support, with continued support available.

launch + support


Once we have the copy, I'll create a mock-up to ensure that the design is moving in the right direction. Then I'll bring it to life in ShowIt - my preferred website design platform. Weeks 3 to 8.

website design


Web design starts with identifying goals of your site so we can build a strategic website. I'll write custom copy for your website to attract the right folks.
Weeks 1 & 2.

website strategy + copy


After the strategy comes the design. I'll send over mood boards, color palettes, and a logo concept that can be tweaked until it feels 100% you. Also included: icons, patterns, and choose stock photos (if needed). Weeks 3, 4, & 5

brand design


Branding starts with the strategy, which includes a 90 minute and 30 minute call to dive deep into all that you could hope for with your brand (and therefore, your business). Weeks 1 & 2.

brand strategy


Let's hop on a call to make sure we're a good fit and determine the scope of your project. We'll secure the dates, sign the contract, and pay the invoice!

inquire + save the dates


here's how it all works

putting some pep in the step-by-step

I’m the best thing to happen to your brand and website since sliced bread (...but make it a croissant, add a little chocolate plzandthx.) 

I’m a registered dietitian turned brand and website designer who’s here to turn your website and brand from “blah” to best in practice, even if you don’t have an eye for #aesthetic. 

When you work with me, I’ll take my deep knowledge of the weight-inclusive business space to transform your brand from something that lives rent-free in your head to a living, breathing brand. 

My goal isn’t to just design a pretty logo or a professional-looking website. I want to make YOUR personality and how you work with your people *the* thing that makes you stand out. (And of course, I’ll be cheering you on with a spicy marg in hand for ya as we navigate the creative process together.) 

Part wing woman, part design extraordinaire. It’s time to bring your big, bold vision to life everywhere your work shows up online. 

hello hello hello!

I'm morgan sinclair, ms, RDN, LD.

meet morgan

your questions, answered.

why won't you just design a logo?

Just designing a logo is the equivalent of someone asking you "just for a meal plan." There is SO much more that goes into it in order to be effective. And sure, a meal plan may be *part* of the brand, but there are just some things that need to be talked out and sorted through first.

what is the return on investment?

I know you don't take business investments lightly, but can I bet that you constantly have a voice in the back of head wondering about your consistency online and "edit my website" is always on your to-do list? What you invest in financially, you will gain back in time and confidence (and probably sanity too).

can you teach me how to diy it?

LOVE DIY-ers. You can learn from me over at the Weight Inclusive Business Academy. I don't dive into the tech side of building a logo/website, but all of the education will be there!

what is the payment process?

For branding + web design projects, I require 50% to hold the date of your project. The next 25% is due at the end of the strategy portion of our work and the remaining 25% is due at the end of our work together. This may change depending on the project scope or projects other than branding + web design.

what web design platform do you use?

All of my websites are designed through ShowIt. It is hands-down the most intuitive platform that will allow you to feel empowered to manage your site without having to know how to code. My three favorite things? Drag-and-drop design, 100% customization, and plays well with other (platforms) to support your biz growth.

we published my brand + website... now what?

You'll get a fully customized tutorial video on how to use your brand and navigate your website in ShowIt. But wait... there's more! We can also work together for maintenance or marketing support. I offer intensives on email marketing, Instagram, networking, and mapping out your marketing strategy.

needing a website just to get started?

book a website template customization

Choose from one of my templates (or any other ShowIt template!), answer some guided questions about your practice, and I'll bring it all to life.

website template customization

dreading creating marketing materials?

book designer for a day

Your marketing to-do list.
Six hours of my time.
One hour strategy call.
Your marketing tasks checked off the list!

designer for a day

Up to 3 items, including a website outline, presentation slide deck, Instagram mock-up, business cards, etc.

you’ve put in your time of diying a website without a degree in design.

it’s time to pass this to-do off to a designer and get back to running your practice.

book a discovery call


Hi there! My name is

and I'm looking for support with

You can reach me at

to get things started.

Hi there! My name is                                                   and I'm looking for support with                                                           . You can reach me at                                                             to get things started.

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