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I received my Masters in Business, watched all the tutorials, and listened to all the podcasts so you don't have to. Your time is valuable and should be spent doing the work you love... not spending hours Googling how to download the font files you need or evenly space photos on your website.

rumor has it...

Having a visual identity and strategy is the backbone for your business. Whether you're seeing clients in-person or provided virtual services, your brand is the one thing that will keep you recognizable and consistent online. And it's more than just a logo.

A brand gives you the tools to create everything you need for your website, social media, digital marketing, and more - without having to constantly second guess everything you put out into the world. It starts to paint the picture for your ideal client on what it'll be like to work with you and your business.

Brand Strategy + Design

what's included...


Brand Discovery Questionnaire, aka a glimpse into your personal brand

90 Minute Strategy Call, where we'll dive into your brand foundations, ideal client avatar, customer experience journey, and brand messaging.

Brand Strategy + Usage Guide, so you'll have all aspects of your brand in one place


Logo Suite, including a primary logo, alternative logo, and submark

Font Pairing, intentionally chosen based on the audience you're attracting

Color Selection, a blend of your personal brand + energy you want to display

Patterns + Icons, to allow visual diversity in the many ways you show up online

this is for your if...

You've DIYed your brand up until now, have a feel for the types of clients you enjoy working with, and are ready to level up your online presence with consistency that will attract all the right clients and leave you feeling confident in the work that you're doing (only now with focused design to back it all up!).

investment + timeline

Investment: $2,750
Timeline: 3 to 4 weeks

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In order to have a thriving business, you need a space on the internet to call home. That's how your ideal clients are going to find you so you can continue to grow your business, fill your caseload, or make sure your service is reaching the right people.

Just like branding, building a website is more than throwing your bio and services onto a webpage. Together, we'll identify the primary goals for your website, write effective copy that is going to leave your ideal client feel seen and heard (and ready to hire you!), and pull it all together in a design that is reflective of your brand.

Website Design + Copy

what's included...


Website Goal Setting, because we need to know what action you want your clients to take

Copywriting, to blend the facts of your services without losing your personality

Design Analysis, to support your current and future goals

Google Analytics + Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so you show up on Google


Customized One-Page Website, designed through ShowIt with option to add on more pages, blog, or online shop

Desktop, Tablet, + Mobile Friendly

Final Design Tutorial Video, to navigate the backend of ShowIt so you don't have to wait on me to make minor edits

Launch Graphics for Social Media, because what's a new website if you can't brag about it?

this is for your if...

You've DIYed your website and it's served it's purpose, but you're ready for a stronger online presence with copy that'll attract the right people and showcase your personality.

investment + timeline

Investment: Starting at $3000
Timeline: 3 to 4 weeks

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Additional Pages, $800 per page, includes copywriting

Blog, $800 through ShowIt + Wordpress

eCommerce Platform: $1,000 through ShowIt + Shopify or Podia

you've got the questions + i've got the answers.

I just need a logo. Is that something you can do?

Short answer: no. And here's why - a customized logo without a brand strategy isn't going to get you very far. A logo is just one visual piece of the brand, and is designed after understanding your business, your quirks, and your ideal clients.

Can I only hire you for a website?

You absolutely can! However, I do require a complete brand strategy before we sign a contract for your website. That brand strategy can be done with myself or another brand designer.

Do you offer rebrands?

If you already know who your ideal client is and the pain points you're solving, then I offer a condensed version of branding where we will just refresh your brand visuals (including logo, fonts, and colors!).

What is the payment process?

For branding + web design projects, I require 50% to hold the date of your project. The next 25% is due at the end of the strategy portion of our work and the remaining 25% is due at the end of our work together. This may change depending on the project scope.

i'm a DIY-er. Can you just teach me how to do this?

LOVE DIY-ers. You can learn from me over at the Weight Inclusive Business Academy. I don't dive into the tech side of building a logo/website, but all of the education will be there!

What is the return on investment?

I know you don't take business investments lightly, but can I bet that you constantly have a voice in the back of head wondering about your consistency online and "edit my website" is always on your to-do list? What you invest in financially, you will gain back in time (and probably sanity).

build your business on your lunch break?

Okay, okay. We don't actually get lunch breaks as weight inclusive business owners. #mealsupport BUT that doesn't mean you don't have 30 minutes to spare to move the needle in your business.

No one has time (or the attention span!) to sit down and take a long course these days. The Weight Inclusive Business Academy offers lessons that are 30 minutes of watching + working. Take what you need, when you need it.

what if I told you that you could

If the first question you want to ask a business coach is where do I even begin? then this is the answer to your question. 

the business blueprint assessment

This assessment not only places you in your here-and-now stage of entrepreneurship, but provides the lessons relevant to you and your business, a timeline without the overwhelm, and accountability so you can start running the business you've always dreamed about.

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A How-To Guide on Upping Your Insta Game

the impressionable instagram

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some goodies to elevate your online presence


A How-To Guide on Structuring the First Glance of Your Website

website first glance


Branding and Why Your Business Needs It

branding 101


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