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branding and web design

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This spans from professionals in the eating disorder space, to owners of restaurants, farms, coffee shops, and more.

I’m an expert when it comes to designing a solid brand, a nerd when it comes to building websites, and constantly curious about the next greatest thing (aka YOU!). I'm a latte-drinking, adventure-seeking, chips and guac-eating gal currently living in Houston, TX and chasing after my dreams!

i like celebrating people who celebrate food.

hey there, I'm morgan!

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farm, vineyard, coffee shop, bakery, food truck, restaurant

including, but not limited to...

I own a place that
celebrates food

yep, this is me.

therapist, dietitian, eating disorder professional, body positive advocate

including, but not limited to...

I'm a weight inclusive business owner

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"Working with Morgan was like working with a good friend - someone who was there to dream with, brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of. I needed a creative mind behind my visionary mind to bring what I had in my head to life and Morgan was just that. Professional, friendly, helpful, and just plain fun to work with!"

Robyn  |  The Real Life RD

"Morgan helped me turn my dream of opening a painting business into reality! I was nervous about creating a website for my paintings, not knowing where to start. Morgan stepped in and made it all so simple. She helped me tackle branding, took photos for social media, and created an awesome website! My only regret is not hiring Morgan sooner! I'm able to get my dream clients with my new site!"

Katie | Katie Sinclair Art


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