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You're building a business that lights your soul on fire, but you don't know where to start, and creating your brand, website, and marketing strategy has you at a loss. That stops here.

The Impressionable Instagram

A How-To Guide on Upping Your Insta Game

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Build Your Business On Your Lunch Break?!

No one has time to sit down and take a long course these days. You’re a busy human and your time is precious. Finding the balance of working a job, maintaining your social life, taking care of your mental health, sleeping, AND building a business is stressful AF.

But what if - in just 30 minutes a week - you could move the needle in your business?

What if I told you that you could

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meet morgan

As an eating disorder dietitian - turned - design and marketing educator, I know the impact that weight inclusive businesses (like yours!) have.

I'm a nerd when it comes to designing brands, strategizing a marketing plan, and building websites, am constantly curious about the next greatest thing (aka YOU!), and can speak your lingo in a way that other designers can't.

Long gone are the days of trying to explain what a non-diet clinician *actually* does.

I'm a latte-drinking, adventure-seeking, chips and guac-eating gal currently living in Houston, TX and chasing after my dreams!

I like celebrating people who celebrate food.

hey there, I'm morgan!

Robyn  | founder of The Real Life RD

"Working with Morgan was like working with a good friend - someone who was there to dream with, brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of. I needed a creative mind behind my visionary mind to bring what I had in my head to life and Morgan was just that. Professional, friendly, helpful, and just plain fun to work with!"

emily  | founder of we all eat nutrition

"Morgan is your #1 gal. She is smart and friendly. She is detailed, communicates well, and knows how to get a job done right. I never felt silly for asking a question and she was always quick to help. Morgan helped me streamline the vision for my business."

and feel confident about being your own boss?

Ready to start + grow your business

Rumor has it you want to work 1:1...

branding + web design

Sometimes you just need someone else to do the design work for you.

Working together, we can build a brand and website that has a heart and a voice.

It'll become a representation of you, your hopes, and your dreams. It'll be a place where you can make a greater impact and invite people to make that impact with you. It'll be the first steps in building a relationship with others.

Limited slots available.

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website audits

Your tech-savvy self is thriving while building your website, but you want some validation and guidance on the best way to structure it and what exactly it needs to say to guide your ideal client to work with you.

During your website audit, we will spend a total of 90 minutes together via Zoom.

The first 60 minutes, we'll identify the primary goal of your website, discuss how your brand can show up best, create clear call to actions, and review the flow and functionality of your website for prospective clients.

After two weeks have passed for you to implement the changes, we'll have an additional 30 minute call to review the final website.

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