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It’s time for you to be confident in how you are showing up online.

No one teaches us how to build a brand and website on our journey to becoming clinicians. And trying to figure it all out has left you feeling all over the place, your brain fried, and frozen with forward progress. That’s why you’re here… right? 😉

As someone who intimately understands the eating disorder space, you’ll be left with a solid strategy, functional systems, and visual consistency that are going to have your potential clients saying “You’re my person. I choose you.”

No more self-induced decision fatigue.
No more half-complete Canva files.
No more Googling how to code your website.

owning your online presence.

from overwhelmed to

From one-on-one work together creating a customized brand and website, to doing an intensive together to crank out your design needs, to self-paced lessons to DIY it… I’ve got what you need.

BRB hitting play on Jock Jams Vol. 1 to pump us up to work together.

strategy + design.

your one-stop-shop for all things

When you first decided to start your own business, you were doing your best on a shoestring budget. Which means that somehow…overnight might I add…you *basically* became a makeshift web designer, even though computers are so not your thing. 

You poured over dozens of articles and watched every YouTube video you could find, but your website could still use some work. (Okay, maybe it’s more like Extreme Website Makeover, but really…who’s keeping track?)

You want a website that not only looks clean and professional but captures your personality and ethos with messaging that resonates with your kind of people. 

your (online) home away from home!

website design + copywriting

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brand strategy + design

Your clients have got twelve tabs open comparing you and other folks in your area to see whose personality is the best fit for them and who’s passing their vibe check.

The custom brand we design together is going to make sure that you're showing up consistently, attracting the right type of people that are booking a discovery call.

it's more than just a logo!

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Your clients have got twelve tabs open comparing you and other folks in your area to see whose personality is the best fit for them and who’s passing their vibe check.

The custom brand we design together is going to make sure that you're showing up consistently, attracting the right type of people that are booking a discovery call.

it's more than just a logo!

brand strategy + design

the creme de la creme. the ice cream with the cherry on top.

Business Strategy 🤝 Visual Design

Morgan was so incredible to work with. I had held off for many years on spending the money and time on creating a brand that fully represented my business. Morgan made it easy for this to come alive and took care of so many aspects and was also super responsive. The collaboration was so key!

Pam @ EveryBody Psychotherapy NYC
Branding + Two Page Website

Morgan is the girl for all your designs dream to come true!! She really helps you get focused and able to identify your ideal client! You end up knowing what your brand is and how to be more intentional with your marketing efforts. She is super passionate and makes you feel empowered!! Seriously she is the girl for the job!!

Jessie @ Restored Purpose Counseling
Branding + Multipage Website

I loved working with Morgan. My business was requiring a pivot and shift following 2020 and having a baby. I needed someone who could help me iron out a clear vision and digital message following all the changes in my personal and professional life. Morgan was able to help me create the framework I needed. She is so incredibly talented with design and up leveled my website in a way I would never have been able to do.  

Angela @ AP Counseling and Yoga
Branding + Multipage Website

A HUGE factor in my decision to hire Morgan is because she is also a clinician in this field, she "gets it" when it comes to being a weight-inclusive clinician which didn't require me to do more educational labor around language and my vision for our website to reach our ideal clients and remain aligned with our values. I also really valued how encouraging Morgan was to change things as much as I wanted and needed to until it truly felt like my vision was alive on our website. Morgan is fantastic at the work she does and I would 100% recommend her and work with her again in the future!

Natalie @ Feeding Your Soul Nutrition
Branding + Multipage Website

this just in...

Built with private practice clinicians in mind, my ShowIt Templates are the perfect blend between having a strategic website and a consistent online presence. It's 100% customizable, but pinky promise you'll get all the info you need to build out a website that you're really freaking happy with.

Cue: "You Get the Best of Both Worlds" by Hannah Montana.

no tech skills and coding knowledge required, promise.

wanna diy your own strategic website?

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As an eating disorder dietitian-turned-design and marketing educator, I know the impact that weight inclusive businesses (like yours!) have.

Brand strategist, marketing enthusiast, website designer, multipassionate entrepreneur, podcast co-host, and enneagram seven are just a few ways I describe myself. But really I'm just a curious human passionate about access to weight inclusive care.

I can speak your lingo in a way that other designers can't. Long gone are the days of trying to explain what a non-diet clinician *actually* does.

But at my core, I'm a feel-your-feelings, latte-drinking, adventure-seeking, chips and guac-eating, dessert-before-dinner kinda gal chasing after my dreams in Houston, TX (or wherever I impulsively bought a plane ticket to).

hello hello hello!

I'm morgan sinclair, ms, RDN, LD.

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A How-To Guide on Upping Your Insta Game

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A How-To Guide on Structuring the First Glance of Your Website

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Branding and Why Your Business Needs It

branding 101

book me for a day

Let's crank it all out in a 6 hour work day. You know the things I’m talking about… Instagram templates. Presentation slide deck. Business cards for your new team. And the list goes on and on. Let me take all that off your plate for you.

You'll select 3 items you want me to work on. We'll kick off the day with a strategy call. And then I'll get to work for the next six hours powering through as much stuff as I can on your design to-do list. We'll end the day with a recap and implementation call. Everything will be done through Canva and I'll be sure to share the links so you have access to it all for the foreseeable future.

you've got things to do. and need it completed asap.

your ideas + my creativity = magic made

designer for a day

Okay, okay. You're an eating disorder clinician. You probably don't have time off on your lunch break.

BUT what if you set aside 30 minutes a week to dedicate to your business?

You’re a busy human and your time is precious. Plus the entrepreneurship journey isn't a "sit down and crank it out" type of journey anyway. It's a marathon, not a sprint. And finding the balance of working a job, maintaining your social life, taking care of your mental health, sleeping, AND building a business is stressful AF.

your lunch break

weight inclusive business academy

build your business on

Join me and Hannah Turnbull, MSOL, RDN every week as we chat about what it takes to start, run, and grow your weight inclusive business.

We know your degree didn’t include any business classes - at least not any applicable to what you’re doing now as an entrepreneur. This is why we are on a mission to bring business education to other weight inclusive clinicians. Say sayonara to all the hours spent on Google and hello to information that is actually relevant.

a business education podcast for weight inclusive business owners

weight inclusive innovators

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