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You're building a business that lights your soul on fire, but creating your brand, website, and marketing strategy has you at a loss. That stops here.

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owning your online presence.

Rapport with your clients actually begins with your online presence. Your brand creates a first impression and your website provides a glimpse into what your work together will be like. No pressure, right?

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As an eating disorder dietitian-turned-design and marketing educator, I know the impact that weight inclusive businesses (like yours!) have.

Brand strategist, marketing enthusiast, website designer, multipassionate entrepreneur, podcast co-host, and enneagram seven are just a few ways I describe myself. But really I'm just a curious human passionate about access to weight inclusive care.

I can speak your lingo in a way that other designers can't. Long gone are the days of trying to explain what a non-diet clinician *actually* does.

But at my core, I'm a feel-your-feelings, latte-drinking, adventure-seeking, chips and guac-eating, dessert-before-dinner kinda gal chasing after my dreams in Houston, TX (or wherever I impulsively bought a plane ticket too).

I like celebrating people who celebrate food.

hey there, I'm morgan!

Morgan helped my focus my business plan and marketing more than I ever could have expected! I had a very vague idea of what I wanted prior to meeting with Morgan, and she helped me both explore and design a website that truly fits me and my business. I love getting to share my website with clients now!

Lauren, Founder of Lauren Teague Therapy

Branding, One Page Website

Morgan is the girl for all your designs dream to come true!! She really helps you get focused and able to identify your ideal client! You end up knowing what your brand is and how to be more intentional with your marketing efforts. She is super passionate and makes you feel empowered!! Seriously she is the girl for the job!!

Jessie, Founder of Restored Purpose Counseling

Branding, Multipage Website

I loved working with Morgan. My business was requiring a pivot and shift following 2020 and having a baby. I needed someone who could help me iron out a clear vision and digital message following all the changes in my personal and professional life. Morgan was able to help me create the framework I needed. She is so incredibly talented with design and up leveled my website in a way I would never have been able to do.  

Angela, Founder of AP Counseling & Yoga

Branding, Multipage Website

Words really cannot sum up the joy it is to work with Morgan. She will be your biggest hype girl and motivator! I felt so overwhelmed with where to improve my website and marketing strategies, Morgan and her amazing speedy brain helped me put into words what I was thinking & feeling and turn that into my website copy. She is so passionate about what she does, she knows her stuff, and it shows. The feeling I experienced after finishing our meeting was indescribable, I felt energized and ready to freaking kill it! Best money I’ve spent on my business. 
Ametis, Founder of Bassir Behavior Health

Website Audit

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download the guide here

In this guide, I share four simple to-dos that you can do RIGHT NOW for elevating your presence on Instagram and making your Instagram strategy less overwhelming.

The Impressionable Instagram

Ready to get consistent on social media to spread the weight inclusive message?

A How-To Guide on Upping Your Insta Game

build your business on your lunch break?

Okay, okay. We don't actually get lunch breaks as weight inclusive business owners. #mealsupport BUT that doesn't mean you don't have 30 minutes to spare to move the needle in your business.

No one has time (or the attention span!) to sit down and take a long course these days. The Weight Inclusive Business Academy offers lessons that are 30 minutes of watching + working. Take what you need, when you need it.

what if I told you that you could

If the first question you want to ask a business coach is where do I even begin? then this is the answer to your question. 

the business blueprint assessment

This assessment not only places you in your here-and-now stage of entrepreneurship, but provides the lessons relevant to you and your business, a timeline without the overwhelm, and accountability so you can start running the business you've always dreamed about.

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