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The Ideal Customer Avatar Training is a jam-packed nine minute mini training that will give you the insight and skills into discovering and developing your ideal customer avatar to elevate your marketing efforts!

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Created fresh from your brain, your ideal customer avatar is the persona that mimics the person on the other side of the search bar who cannot WAIT to work with you. It's the person you keep in mind when you're creating your brand, designing graphics, and writing copy for your website, emails, and social media. 

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I want you to close your eyes for a minute and think to a customer or client that you seriously LOVED working with. A person that you couldn’t stop thinking about (in a good, healthy, appropriate boundaries kind of way!) and looked forward to working with over and over again. Can you picture him or her? THAT is likely your ideal customer and the kind of person you are going to want to attract moving forward.

Having a ideal customer in mind as your build your brand is crucial to creating consistent content. Being able to ask yourself "will my ICA enjoy this Insta post? Will my ICA buy in to what I have to say?" Getting to ask those questions will lead you down the path to marketing success!

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