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a one page ShowIt website template

dessert before dinner (solo)

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Dessert Before Dinner (Solo) is a dream website template for a solo practice, whether you're a therapist or dietitian, who offers 1:1 services with 2-3 specialties.

designed with the solo private practice owner in mind.


a customizable one-page website

dessert before dinner (solo)

No really. Think about it. You're attracting clients that are likely on the beginning of their mental health journey. They may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and scared to take this next step. The last thing they need is to get lost on your website clicking around to pages that aren't totally strategic, leaving them even more nervous to say yes to help.

And the beauty of ShowIt templates? When you're ready to expand, you can purchase individual pages for growth, groups, supervision, courses, and more that will seamlessly fit into your site!

a one page site is all you need.

if you're just starting out, or plan to be a solo practice for a while...

Starting from scratch is a no-go. You've scoured others' websites and like bits and pieces of them, but when you try to mush them all together, you're left with a site that leaves you feeling a little cringe that a potential client may land on your site.

you want a pretty website, but...

Choose the ShowIt website template that is right for you in this moment! You can always grow and add on to your ShowIt website as you and your business grow, whether that's purchasing additional pages down the road or working with me 1:1.

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Watch the custom template videos, which include step-by-step to-dos for choosing brand colors, brand fonts, and sourcing stock images (if needed!).

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Watch the custom template videos, which include step-by-step to-dos for understanding the why behind each section of your website and customizing the site with your practice info! 

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Dot the i's and cross the t's on your site as you watch the tutorial videos on Google Analytics, SEO, and linking your domain. You'll be ready to hit publish after this and show off your customized website that will attract the right type of clients.

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If you're not happy with your template within 30 days of purchase, we offer a money back guarantee!

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You'll never lose access to the template, tutorial videos, and updates that will periodically be released with the template.

Video Education
You'll be supported with tutorial videos every step of the way, from identifying brand elements, choosing stock photos, and customizing your site.

This one page website is perfect for a solo private practice owner who offers 1:1 counseling sessions with 2-3 specialties.

Pages included:

what's included

Home, aka the space that will be doing the pitching for you. This is where you're share what you and your practice is all about, including offerings, meeting you, and a way for your audience to connect with you.

Current Clients, a hidden page that you can embed your EHR scheduling code into for current clients to schedule appointments.

Social Links, a page to include in your Instagram bio with important links and upcoming offers.

Privacy Policy, a legal requirement for your website.

No Surprises Act,
a page to highlight your Good Faith Estimate

Coming Soon,
if you're needing something to let the people know a new website is in the works!

Design and copywriting totally not your zone of genius? No problem - it is mine! If a template doesn't feel like the best move or you're looking for something a little more custom (read: brand strategy and design, copywriting, and website creation), then let's work together 1:1! Schedule a discovery call here.

don't want to DIY?

I get it. You're busy. I'm happy to bring your template to life for you! All I need is your brand elements and completion of the copy document, and I'll build out your template for you. Schedule the Do It For Me here.

don't have the time?

Let's jump on a 30 minute template audit! During this time, I'll get my designer eyes on your site and make recommendations on tweaks to truly optimize your site. Schedule your template audit here.

want a second set of eyes on your site?

ShowIt sites don't have a limit to the number of pages you can create! Create your own pages or get on the waitlist for the canvas library or pages library to snag what you need!

need more pages?

if you're looking for something a little more...

Not a problem at all! As long as you aren't anxiously attached to your design platform, the switch over to ShowIt is super easy and is something that I'll walk you through in the final set of the videos on finalizing your website!

What if my current website is on another platform, like Wix or Squarespace?

Short answer: not so much. Longer answer: there are a few tutorials that cover brand colors, fonts, and stock photos to get consistency, but this is not meant to replace 1:1 design and strategy work that you business may benefit from.

Will you help me set up my branding?

Heck yeah you can! Each template comes with customized videos on how to edit each part of the website so you can follow along as I make edits to the site just like you would! 

If it ends up being too overwhelming though,  I do offer a "Do It For Me" service.

I'm not techy at all. Can I actually do this myself?

ShowIt templates vary in cost greatly. With the cost of my templates, you're not just getting a beautiful website, but you're getting a strategic website meant for private practices and weight inclusive clinicians. All of my templates are formatted in a way that has your target audience in mind so you're not having to guess what goes where and why.

I've seen other templates that are cheaper. Why should I choose yours?

It totally depends on how quickly you can (and want to!) work through the videos and make edits to your site. Most folks say it took about 20 hours total to bring their one page website to life, but that is was manageable to get done within a month or two!

How long is this gonna take me to get my site up and running?

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you've got template questions + i've got the answers.

I had been wanting to update my website for a long time but the design process felt so overwhelming. This template was a lifesaver! The step-by-step instructions made it so easy. It was so fun designing a website that felt like it captured my vibe and who I am!

I didn't think I could make a website look this great! Morgan's instructional videos made it feel like she was working with me step by step.

Morgan made it so easy. I was really intimidated to take on this project but she had step by step explanations for all questions that popped up for me throughout the process. 10/10 recommend!

I wish I had this template from the very beginning of my website! I have spent so much time and energy creating a site that works for me. I had pretty much broken my website when I came to Morgan. This template was the simplest, most straightforward template while still allowing plenty of flexibility and personalization. This was exactly what I needed! 

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