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Using Your 10 Year Personal Vision to Plan Your 3 Year Business Goals 

At the end of BUFO 102… you’ll have a clear vision of what you want your personal life to look like within five to ten years and in turn, what your business should look like in three years to help you meet your personal goals.

In this course you’ll gain clarity on the things that are most important to you both personally and professionally, feel confident about what data to track in your business that shows tangible growth, and leave feeling like you have a grasp on your three year business vision, goals, and measurables (seriously, there’s spreadsheets involved to provide extra validation).

Long Term Vision Planning



This is for you if...

You like to think big and know the long term goals. You’ll deal with the nitty gritty details later - you just need validation that your business plan is feasible!

You enjoy dreaming about your future but also know you have to put in the work in order to achieve that lifestyle you desire.

You find yourself being pulled between trusting your gut about what the next few years hold, but having measurables also feels like a good game plan.

You get overwhelmed thinking about the growth of your business and are craving a solid plan of action.

What you'll get out of it:

14 Minute educational video

that will help you get clear on your big lofty goals, both personally and professionally, and put a plan into place for things you can measure in your business to make sure you’re constantly working towards those goals.

6 action items

that will leave you feeling validated that your business plan is viable (or let you know that you need to think through the financial side of things a little bit more before you take the leap!)