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Laying the Foundation for success

In this course you’ll figure out where the heck to start when it comes to thinking about your future business, gain the confidence in why you’re doing what you’re doing, feel capable of explaining the impact that you are making as a weight inclusive clinician, and know how to write a mission statement and how it will support you in making business decisions.

At the end of BUFO 101… you’ll have a solid, unbreakable foundation that will support you, your business, and your pivots from here on out.

Defining Your Why and Clarifying Your Mission



This is for you if...

You look like a deer in the headlights when someone asks you why you do what you do, because how are you supposed to condense it into an elevator pitch?!

You’ve been told that you need a mission statement for your business plan, but truthfully you don’t really understand what it is, how to write one, or how it’s going to help you.

You find yourself trying to sell the solution to your client’s problems instead of helping them understand the why.

What you'll get out of it:

15 Minute educational video

That will help you confidently explain what you envision for the future and why you do it (aka your mission statement!). You’ll have a north star that you can turn to when the outside world starts giving you feedback you didn’t ask for.

action items, including...

- Watching Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on How Great Leaders Inspires
- Answering questions to get clarity on your why.
- Writing a mission statement for you and your future business!